Okay, so we were gone for a while; but we are back.

Okay, so after Surfline put up a cam and made it free for everyone, our traffic totally dropped off in 2015, advertisers pulled out and we couldn’t afford to keep the site running fully.

Although, honestly, it was a combination of things. My career was taking off and had limited time to actually surf… in the final year before Surfline’s cam placement, I was long boarding from my car to the pier in sandals, slacks, and an oxford, before driving to Wellington for my job. Looking back now, I must have looked ridiculous. The only thing true to my skater/surf life was only found from the ankle down.

Anyways, Surfline’s new cam was a problem, it was depressing and coupled with job responsibilities and the drop in website traffic, I stopped. They saw a market, did it better than me by putting a cam on a condo.

We are restructuring how we deliver the report. It will be through email only, and although we intend to place ads within the email, to pay for the site and gas, it is free to sign up. We ask that you answer all the questions fully, as we may move to a texting platform in the coming months.


Thank you all for your support.

Donations for Jupiter Surf Report are accepted through PayPal, it is a huge help in our efforts to continue moving forward.