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I was always going to go into gemology when I was little, even had an extensive rock and gem collection by age 15, I spent all my birthday money and christmas money on loose gemstones…really cool kid right? Well I didn’t end up in the gem field, I work online in digital marketing, mostly in online reputation and websites so I am using an old surf report website i own to share this information with all of you. I wanted to go in depth on my own ring search and review, as I had many questions about Bennett Jewelers and if their product was good. Since they have a great return policy, I decided to give their enhanced diamonds a go.

A bit of a background: As a kid I knew diamonds were the most abundant gem, but they are trapped beyond reach and are only shot into the crust when volcanic actions make our mining of the gem possible. Debeers had a near total hold on all diamonds, increasing their value through marketing and buying diamond mines with the sole purpose of holding the diamonds in place to control supply and raise the prices, I remember as a kid thinking I would never buy a diamond and would prefer a large Tanzanite or Pink Sapphire for my future love, because some stones have very beautiful colors and in my opinion, are more rare. The market for non traditional center stones are on the rise and are a nice choice for a unique couple. I am glad that as a kid I was ahead of the curve ;) but as I got older, I started to think about the social aspects and I too have chosen to fall on the “marketing sword” Debeers have created, but on my own terms.

Which brings me to my point about buying a clarity enhance diamond. I would not buy a fake diamond and would rather opt for a different gemstone, as I mentioned above, but buying an un-enhanced diamond because the they say, “if it is not graded by the GIA it is crap” Those jewelers are part of the rigged system of overpriced diamonds and see the flooding of clarity enhanced diamonds a threat to their existence. Diamonds are not an investment and will never get bought back for the same price as you purchased them for, there are many hands in the pot folks and they all get a cut. Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds, but look at it in the way that these are diamonds that have evolved with the times. They are real diamonds, but with new technology advancements that allow the diamonds to be cleaned up.

I originally bought a 2ct D/Si1 from Bennett Jewelers, it was nice from afar, but when you got closer it looked like broken ice when I looked down into the pavilion. I think this kind of diamond would be good for earrings or a necklace, but in an engagement ring, not so much, so I sent it back and purchased the 2ct F/VS1 and in turn put down more money, but it is leaps ahead of the Si1. It has way more fire and sparkle and the clarity is like glass, no more improperly diffused light that attributed to the white broken glass look. Granted the enhancement brings it up a grade or two so my Vs1 is graded after enhancement and was probably a Vs2 of Si1. There is a fix to an inclusion in the center of the crown, but can not see it unless you get on it a 20x like I did with my macro lens. Beyond that inclusion and some dimples on a facet on the side it is a perfect fit for what I was looking for and Bennett Jewelers was more than helpful in accepting my return, resizing the ring again and sending the new ring in a total of 7 days! Well done Bennett Jewelers you did a good job. Now onto the images in difference, as I think spending a bit more to get a better stone, in my opinion, is the much smarter way to go.


Top: Si1 under 20x, you can see the enhancements, the tunnels created by laser drilling. Bottom: Vs1 under 20x, clean look.


Looking down into the pavilion, it is very clear the Vs1 on the right is the better choice significantly. The feather in the center on the right is not viewable by the naked eye.


Top: si1 visible laser lines and black dots on crown. Bottom Vs1 with what seems to be only clarity enhanced feather in the crown.

A look at the ring from 10 inches away, this is the distance I project the most scrutinizing friends distance to be when they look at the ring ;) You can see the light is being diffused poorly in the right images of the Si1 diamond.



More side by sides, left is Vs1, much cleaner more luster.


The obvious thing here is yes a Vs1 will be better than a Si1, but if you are already going the cheaper route at least up the ante and get the higher quality, or do what I did and ship diamonds around for a week, I just wanted to give all the information possible. A little more helpful tips, the images on ebay are not of the actual stone, but rather stock images of what the stone could look like. I wont lie, it is scary ordering a big ticket item like this online, but overall I am very very happy with my purchase and would recommend Bennett Jewelers because they didn’t stop until I was happy.

I was not paid to make this review, if you have any questions use the contact page on this website and if you found this information really helpful please go to the contact page and donate some money through Pay-Pal, we would really appreciate it :)