Aristotle Plane Off

The first Aristotle Plane Off will be held on November 23rd at shower 27, Jupiter beach. It’s an all ages event and sign up is the day of the event at 8am, the entry fee is $15 and the event kicks off at 9am. For those of you that don’t have a hand plane, they will be provided to you by Aristotle Creations. There will be a raffle for a hand plane and a surfboard, tickets sell for $10 (hand plane) and $20 (surfboard).

Aristotle hand plane surf competionThe creator of the event, Alex Gazonas said this about the plane off, “I think of myself more of a craftsman because I like to build all kinds of things. The idea of the handplane event came up one day while hanging out with some friends at the beach. We just wanted to have a good Sunday fun day of hand-planing, and the next thing I knew it turned into this great event to bring the community together.”

Aristotle creations